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(1) Jean Hasse
Sa, 10 Januar 2015 17:44

Dear Jens

I have read about your Richard Wagner silent film performance in Sept. 2013 in this press release. I have had it translated so I can understand it somewhat.

I also accompanied RW with a new score, in Jan 2014 at the Barbican in London, which of course had improvisation (and a notated score I composed) but I also played Wagner, Liszt and others when they were onscreen, playing or conducting, for example.
By chance do you have a recording of what you played or can you say what kind of styles you played to accompany the film? Were there reviews?

I am researching scores to RW for my PhD in composition to silent films (University of Bristol, England) and would be grateful if you can send me and information!

Many thanks, Jean Hasse